Equine Massage Therapists in Derbyshire

Equine massage therapists in Derbyshire and surrounding areas. If you do equine massage in Derbyshire and would like a free or premium listing, please click here for information.

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Equine Massage Therapists in Derbyshire - Premium Listings

Stephanie Tattersall Equine Massage Therapist


Stephanie Tattersall

Tel: 07480 120074

Email: stephanietattersallesmt@gmail.com

Web: www.facebook.com/stephanietattersallESMT/

Certified Equine Massage Therapist (ESMT) IAAMB/ACWT registered. Fully insured covering Derbyshire and surrounding areas. Horses are instinctively stoic animals and often, injury, stiffness and discomfort only present when advanced enough to inhibit performance both physically and psychologically. Massage Therapy, alongside heat therapy, trigger point therapy and myofascial release, isolates and treats any muscular tension, stiffness and fatigue by reactivating the uninterrupted flow of the horse's various circulatory systems such as blood, lymph and digestion which sadly can often become compromised due to modern day practices. Call/message/email any time for more information or visit my Facebook page @StephanieTattersallESMT

The Horse Rehab


Louisa Frost

Tel: 07875 762206

Hi! My name is Louisa Frost and I’m a certified Equine Sports Massage & Rehabilitation Practitioner. Registered with the IAAMB (International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork) and fully insured as a qualified therapist. Available to treat all equines from high performance eventers to the family pony. I have over 25 years experience with horses and dealing with a multitude of different behaviours. Copies of my registrations, insurance and professional reference are available upon request. Please visit my Facebook page @TheHorseRehab or contact me on 07875762206 for more information. Thanks!

Equine Massage Therapists in Derbyshire - Free Listings

5 Star Equine Massage


Nicola Robertson

Tel: 07717 748247

Email: info@5starequinemassage.co.uk

Web: www.5starequinemassage.co.uk

AJ Sports & Equine Therapy


Tel: 07834 875180

Email: amy@ajsportsandequinetherapy.com

Web: www.ajsportsandequinetherapy.com

Ann White

South Yorkshire

Tel: 07904 861880

Email: whitey395@hotmail.com

Back In Motion

Greater Manchester

Katherine Palin

Tel: 07976 930895

Email: katherinepalin@hotmail.com

Back on Track - Equine and Canine Therapy Services


Emily Vickers

Tel: 07546 582343

Email: backontrackequine@gmail.com

Web: backontrackmassage.wixsite.com/animaltherapy

Bern Easterford


Tel: 07976 533398

Email: beasterford@homechoice.co.uk

Caroline Booth


Tel: 07759 225654

Email: caroline@empoweredhealing.co.uk

Web: www.empoweredhealing.co.uk

Cheshire Equine Therapy


Michelle Woolrich

Tel: 07515 552694

Email: mcheers@cheshireequinetherapy.co.uk

Web: www.cheshireequinetherapy.co.uk

Clair Andrews


Tel: 07762 436697

Email: c.andrews@working-in-harmony.co.uk

Web: www.working-in-harmony.co.uk

Core Equine Massage

Greater Manchester

Jess Core

Tel: 07582 503265

Email: coreequinemassage@gmail.com

CR Equine


Charlotte Ridgwell

Tel: 07772 150600

Email: caridgwell@googlemail.com

Web: www.cr-equine.co.uk

Danielle Mullen


Tel: 07966 159812

Email: danielle@equinemassagecheshire.co.uk

Web: www.equinemassagecheshire.co.uk

Dawn Clow

West Yorkshire

Tel: 07766 631905

Email: dawnclow@horselistic.co.uk

Web: www.horselistic.co.uk

Dominique Dainton-McElroy


Tel: 07841 114430

Email: info@agilityequinemassage.co.uk

Web: www.agilityequinemassage.co.uk

EJ Equestrian


Emma Jablonski

Tel: 07800 905466

Email: emmajablonskiequestrian@gmail.com

Web: www.emmajablonskiequestrian.co.uk

Emma Barber


Emma Barber

Tel: 07815 935599

Email: info@emmabarber-vetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.emmabarber-vetphysio.co.uk

Equi Dynamics Massage and Training


Karina Essery

Tel: 07808 689111

Email: karinaequine@hotmail.co.uk



Tel: 07702 321459

Email: equi_motion@aol.co.uk

Web: www.equi-motion.co.uk



Laura Bradbeer

Tel: 07702 598338

Email: laura@equiflexion.co.uk

Web: www.equiflexion.co.uk

Equine Pulse Therapy


Ashleigh Smith

Tel: 07475 100078

Email: ajspulsetherapy@gmail.com

Web: www.ajspulsetherapy.com

Equine S.M.A.R.T


Megan Owen

Tel: 07971 475640

Email: equinesmart@mail.com

Web: www.classicequinesmart.com

Equine-Canine Massage


Kerry Jones

Tel: 07816 777066

Email: kerryjones@equine-caninemassage.co.uk

Web: www.equine-caninemassage.co.uk

Equisio Ltd


Emma Truswell

Tel: 07982 923876

Email: emma@equisio.co.uk

Web: www.equisio.co.uk

Erika Green Equine


Autumn Cottage, Buxton Road, Chinley, High Peak, SK23 6DT

Tel: 07970 848416

Email: erikagreenequine@outlook.com

Web: www.erikagreenequine.com

Fine Form Equine Physiotherapy


Kayleigh Warren

Tel: 07866 202281

Email: fineformequine@hotmail.com

Web: www.fineformequine.com