Equine Massage Therapists in Derbyshire

Equine massage therapists in Derbyshire and surrounding areas. If you do equine massage in Derbyshire and would like a free or premium listing, please click here for information.

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Equine Massage Therapists in Derbyshire - Premium Listings

Stephanie Tattersall Equine Massage Therapist


Stephanie Tattersall

Tel: 07480 120074

Email: stephanietattersallesmt@gmail.com

Web: www.facebook.com/stephanietattersallesmt

Certified Equine Massage Therapist (ESMT) IAAMB/ACWT registered. Fully insured covering Derbyshire and surrounding areas. Treatment package includes thermal imaging, full assessment and treatment including heat therapy, trigger point therapy and fascial release. I will also provide you with a personalised stretching regime for you to continue with on your own to keep your horse as comfortable as possible in the work that he/she does. £35 (approximately 90 minutes) Call/message/email any time for more information or visit my Facebook page @StephanieTattersallESMT

The Horse Rehab


Louisa Frost

Tel: 07875 762206

Hi! My name is Louisa Frost and I’m a certified Equine Sports Massage & Rehabilitation Practitioner. Registered with the IAAMB (International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork) and fully insured as a qualified therapist. Available to treat all equines from high performance eventers to the family pony. I have over 25 years experience with horses and dealing with a multitude of different behaviours. Copies of my registrations, insurance and professional reference are available upon request. Please visit my Facebook page @TheHorseRehab or contact me on 07875762206 for more information. Thanks!

Equine Massage Therapists in Derbyshire - Free Listings

5 Star Equine Massage


Nicola Robertson

Tel: 07717 748247

Email: info@5starequinemassage.co.uk

Web: www.5starequinemassage.co.uk

AJ Sports & Equine Therapy


Tel: 07834 875180

Email: amy@ajsportsandequinetherapy.com

Web: www.ajsportsandequinetherapy.com

Ann White

South Yorkshire

Tel: 07904 861880

Email: whitey395@hotmail.com

Back In Motion

Greater Manchester

Katherine Palin

Tel: 07976 930895

Email: katherinepalin@hotmail.com

Back on Track - Equine and Canine Therapy Services


Emily Vickers

Tel: 07546 582343

Email: backontrackequine@gmail.com

Web: backontrackmassage.wixsite.com/animaltherapy

Bern Easterford


Tel: 07976 533398

Email: beasterford@homechoice.co.uk

Caroline Booth


Tel: 07759 225654

Email: caroline@empoweredhealing.co.uk

Web: www.empoweredhealing.co.uk

Cheshire Equine Therapy


Michelle Woolrich

Tel: 07515 552694

Email: mcheers@cheshireequinetherapy.co.uk

Web: www.cheshireequinetherapy.co.uk

Clair Andrews


Tel: 07762 436697

Email: c.andrews@working-in-harmony.co.uk

Web: www.working-in-harmony.co.uk

Core Equine Massage

Greater Manchester

Jess Core

Tel: 07582 503265

Email: coreequinemassage@gmail.com

CR Equine


Charlotte Ridgwell

Tel: 07772 150600

Email: caridgwell@googlemail.com

Web: www.cr-equine.co.uk

Danielle Mullen


Tel: 07966 159812

Email: danielle@equinemassagecheshire.co.uk

Web: www.equinemassagecheshire.co.uk

Dawn Clow

West Yorkshire

Tel: 07766 631905

Email: dawnclow@horselistic.co.uk

Web: www.horselistic.co.uk

Dominique Dainton-McElroy


Tel: 07841 114430

Email: info@agilityequinemassage.co.uk

Web: www.agilityequinemassage.co.uk

EJ Equestrian


Emma Jablonski

Tel: 07800 905466

Email: emmajablonskiequestrian@gmail.com

Web: www.emmajablonskiequestrian.co.uk

Emma Barber


Emma Barber

Tel: 07815 935599

Email: info@emmabarber-vetphysio.co.uk

Web: www.emmabarber-vetphysio.co.uk

Equi Dynamics Massage and Training


Karina Essery

Tel: 07808 689111

Email: karinaequine@hotmail.co.uk



Tel: 07702 321459

Email: equi_motion@aol.co.uk

Web: www.equi-motion.co.uk



Laura Bradbeer

Tel: 07702 598338

Email: laura@equiflexion.co.uk

Web: www.equiflexion.co.uk

Equine Pulse Therapy


Ashleigh Smith

Tel: 07475 100078

Email: ajspulsetherapy@gmail.com

Web: www.ajspulsetherapy.com

Equine S.M.A.R.T


Megan Owen

Tel: 07971 475640

Email: equinesmart@mail.com

Web: www.classicequinesmart.com

Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Greater Manchester

Chelsea Tantum

Tel: 07528 242151

Email: chelsea_tantum@hotmail.co.uk

Equine-Canine Massage


Kerry Jones

Tel: 07816 777066

Email: kerryjones@equine-caninemassage.co.uk

Web: www.equine-caninemassage.co.uk

Equisio Ltd


Emma Truswell

Tel: 07982 923876

Email: emma@equisio.co.uk

Web: www.equisio.co.uk

Erika Green Equine


Autumn Cottage, Buxton Road, Chinley, High Peak, SK23 6DT

Tel: 07970 848416

Email: erikagreenequine@outlook.com

Web: www.erikagreenequine.com